Keeping the kids warm without breaking the bank

Young children can easily catch a cold because smaller bodies lose heat quickly. Young children may not realize that they are feeling cold, which means it is the parents' responsibility to keep them warm. It is an art to get children and babies dressed to keep them warm. Here are some ideas on how to keep the kids and babies warm this winter without breaking the bank.

Let’s get started.

There are three primary layers suggested for children to keep them warm and are also suitable material for cold weather. These are not as complicated as you think. Here are the basic things that you need to know.

The Base Layer

Use synthetic fabric such as polyester or wool to wicks moisture fabrics. Wicks moisture fabric does two things, Firstly, It quickly moves the sweat to the material's outer surface, and secondly it dries up sweat very quickly, so it does not saturate in the fabric. This layer is not compulsory but in extremely cold days are necessary- a thermal is a very good example.


The middle layer (over the base layer)

You can buy regular clothes for your child as a middle layer. Fleece or wool material is excellent for the middle layer to keep them warm. Don't use heavy cotton stuff like jeans if it is a wet or snowfall season because jeans dry out very slowly once they get wet. Wet clothes can cool down the body and cause cold to the children.

Micro-fleece is a better mid-layer option because it is less bulky than fleece jackets and looks like an everyday pullover. But micro-fleece provides good properties of insulation. You can find some beautiful jumpers which are perfect for the season on our website here.

The Outer layer

This layer includes your coats and jackets. Choose the coats wisely. If the weather is only wet, not too cold, a thin raincoat will work best than a thicker coat.

Also, buy some waterproof trousers in a wet season or snow because it will keep the inner layer dry.

Hats and Gloves

Hats and gloves are essential for winters because children's faces, ears, hands, and feet are more susceptible to cold.

The cost-effective way to buy a hat is to buy an earflap beanie hat for your child as it will keep both the head and ears.

The earflap hats are available in different styles and colours to attract children. You can see the collection of our adorable winter hats and accessories Here.


Feet can quickly get cold, and there is a danger of catching a cold for your child.

Buy warm socks for your child to keep their feet warm. Tights are also very effective. They serve a purpose of keeping the legs warm while also keeping the feet warm and they wont come off. Here are some practical yet so stylish ones

We recommend buying waterproof footwear for your child so the socks will stay warm and dry.

Don't overdo it

Last but not least, don't just put all the warmer layers on your child to keep them safe from the cold.

If you don't want your child to get cold, you don't want it too hot either. Putting overall warm clothes may cause sweating, dehydration and it may feel uncomfortable for your child. Keep it moderate to save your child from being too cold or hot. They need to be comfortable.

And don’t forget to check out all our beautiful winter warmers from earflap beanie hats to warm tights and leggings. We even have beautiful warm dresses and two-piece sets for that special occasion and they are photo shoot worthy too.

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